Passing the GED Social Studies Test

This episode of GED Connection is called Passing the GED Social Studi es Test." This program is about what to expect when taking the social studies portion of the GED test, which covers history, economics, civi cs and government, and geography. Throughout this episode, the host go es over sample questions from the test in all areas of social studies. The kinds of questions that are covered are those involving maps, gra phs, charts, timelines, dates, and political cartoons. A lot of the qu estions on the social studies test relate to history, and the question s could relate to any era. Having a general sense of the major events throughout history and knowing about their chronology is very importan t. The host explains that a good way to build knowledge about social s tudies is to read the newspaper and listen to the news on the radio an d television. Above all, the biggest point that is made in this episod e is that using logic and common sense will be the test taker's most i mportant a

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