WLRH Submit Interview Request

Have a story you think the Tennessee Valley needs to hear? We want to hear from you!

Fill out the form to pitch your idea and hit submit. If one of our producers is interested in doing the interview, they will contact you directly.

NOTE: We do not do book reviews. We do not do phone intereviews. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, WE DO NOT DO INTERVIEWS FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES. If you are pitching your idea because you want us to promote something for you, please do not submit a request.

We receive more requests than we can accommodate, so please do not take it personally if we are unable to schedule you. WLRH reserves the right to decline any interview request. We prefer at least FOUR WEEKS advance notice for any interviews to ensure time for scheduling and recording. Sometimes we can accommodate requests with less notice and sometimes we can’t.

The WLRH Community Newsroom invites the public to a weekly news meeting where they can share community news, pitch story ideas and get a hands-on production lesson. You can also learn more about how to create your own homemade radio projects as part of our volunteer team. Learn more about the Community Newsroom here.