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What Reflects Your Values?

Kindness is a virtue. A state of mind, a disposition for
empathy, consideration and common sense.

It is not simply the absence of indifference.


VP Funds was founded in 2003, with a focus on the arts, and humans & animals in need. VP Funds was established by its benefactor to support organizations that embrace the characteristics embodied by the acts of KINDNESS, CONSIDERATION and COMMON SENSE. These three words define a compass of how to live that were ingrained in the founder’s moral fiber as a young child by a teacher in the United Kingdom over 70 years ago. They are as relevant today as they were then.

The initial recipients of the Fund’s largess were Alabama Public Television and the Shelby County Humane Society. Long before the airing of Downton Abbey, VP Funds was supporting the airing of the British Comedies and other programs on APT.

The establishment of the “Spay and Neuter” initiative by the Shelby County Humane Society (Alabama) was the result of a long term commitment by the Fund in 2008, and has resulted in over 20,000 surgeries and is directly responsible for the a consequential decline in orphaned cats and dogs in the county since its initial contribution.


VP Funds’ focus of philanthropy is the downtrodden – whether human or animal. It also has a sharp emphasis on supporting the arts for those who might not otherwise have access.

A look at the definition of the three core principles the fund, provides insight to the beneficiaries of its philanthropy.

KINDNESS: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. (Synonymous with: goodwill, warmth, generousness, concern, compassion, patience, tolerance)

CONSIDERATION: careful thought, typically over a period of time. (Synonymous with: reflection, deliberation, contemplation, inspection)

COMMON SENSE: good sense and sound judgment in practical matters. (Synonymous with: prudence, discernment, wisdom, insight, vision, savvy)

VP Funds will continue its philanthropy mission after the death of the benefactor under the oversight of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham.

Supported Organizations

Alabama Public Television
Nation’s 1st Public Broadcasting Network

National leader in animal rescue and protection, working tirelessly to put an end to animal abuse and neglect

Alabama Spay/Neuter
Stemming the tide of unwanted and abandoned companion animals by offering low cost, high quality spay and neuter service

Best Friends Animal Society
“Save them all”

Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham
Igniting passion for transformational change

Doctors Without Borders
Medical aid where it’s needed most – independent, neutral and impartial

Habitat for Humanity
“A world where everyone has a decent place to live”

Hand in Paw
Our Mission: To improve human health and well-being through Animal-Assisted Therapy.

Jazz Hall of Fame 91.1
Birmingham, AL

Opera Birmingham
Cultural Arts

Quarterback Club
Children’s Hospital of Birmingham

Remy Fund
For Pets and Animal Services

Shelby Humane Society
Helping animals and the people that love them

Three Hots and a Cot
Not a homeless shelter but a gateway to independence

WBHM 90.3 FM
Public Radio for the Heart of Alabama

YWCA Central Alabama
On a mission to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families, and strengthen communities.