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TV audiences trust public television to be a safe, civilizing and credible influence in their homes. In a recent national consumer survey, public television was rated the highest in satisfaction among 100 products and services - higher than milk, eggs, newspapers, magazines, network television and cable television. In short, the public recognition and good will accorded an association with public television can be an invaluable marketing tool for your company.

What can Alabama Public Television do for you?

• Statewide Coverage (see Coverage Area)
• Affluent, Informed Viewers (see Audience Profile)
• Included Media Environment
• Positive Brand Association

Sponsors receive high visibility and recognition through on-air underwriting credit. Making your credit consistent with the show or the programming - in tone, character and style - enhances its effectiveness.

On-air credit will be a key part of your comprehensive communications and marketing plan, demonstrating your support of Alabama Public Television and favorably impressing your target market. We will help you develop a compelling message that tells your story and matches our requirements.

Production Sponsors are listed in the credits of each program and run as part of the show each time it is aired.  These credits, which do not include logos or contact information, will also be included on DVD copies of the program or when viewing the program online. 

Program Sponsor credits are 15 seconds in length, and are placed directly before or after the broadcast of a program.  These credits, which can include company logos and contact information, air around the program for a specific time period. They are not included in DVD copies of the program or when viewing the program online.

General support credits are 15 seconds in length, and are placed within the break just preceding or just following a particular show or type of show. These credits are typically associated with a generic type of programming, for example, arts and entertainment or news and public affairs and run at selected times in a given week. All sponsors receive a listing in Alabama Public Television’s monthly member newsletter and links on APT’s Corporate Underwriting page at

Select a program to request rates.