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Director Message

The advent of the COVID-19 coronavirus has created unprecedented change in our daily lives, causing schools to close and producing major disruption in the economy and our jobs. We hope you have followed the tremendous reporting by PBS NewsHour, Washington Week and Capitol Journal following this story, and possibly the many articles and resources APT has posted online and in social media with important news and resources for education and public safety. Our goal is to keep you well informed and safe during this challenging time.

For national and global news on the pandemic, join APT weeknights at 6:00pm for the PBS NewsHour. You can find the latest stories 24 hour a day at PBS NewsHour online..

APT's Capitol Journal  will follow the latest developments on the coronavirus in Alabama on Friday nights at 7:30pm.

To serve the thousands of Alabama students who are out of school at this time, Alabama Public Television will work to provide students, their families and educators with the resources needed to continue learning while away from the physical classroom..In addition to national PBS educational programming such as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Sesame Street, Alabama Public Television will broadcast locally created Learning Adventures for students of all ages.The Learning Adventures will be broadcast Monday-Friday at 10:00am and 5:00pm and can also be viewed online

APT is able to support education and public safety in Alabama thanks to you and other generous contributors around the state. Your added financial support at this time would help pay for the additional costs of news coverage during the pandemic and throughout the election year.

Most APT staff are temporarily working away from the office as a safety measure, but all are connected by phone and email to maintain our busy day-to-day operations and ensure continuous service to viewers and educators around the state.  Please keep watching as we continue to follow the story of COVID-19 and also provide your other favorite programs.  Thank you again for your support.

Philip F. Hutcheson
Interim Executive Director