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Learning Adventures

Schools all across Alabama are closed due to the coronavirus, but Alabama Public Television offers abundant learning opportunities for students of all ages. In addition to PBS Kids programs for younger students, APT will broadcast a selection of its award-winning LEARNING ADVENTURES. More than 500,000 Alabama students have participated in the live, interactive webcasts of these special events during the past several years, and thousands more watch the video archive versions in their school classrooms each year.  

5:00 PM DAILY!

Thursday 3/19  -  Exploring Mount Vernon
Friday 3/20  - Exploring Monticello / Project C: Children’s March
Monday 3/23  - Gulf Detectives 1
Tuesday 3/24  - Gulf Detectives 2
Wednesday 3/25  - Our Nation’s Capitol
Thursday 3/26  - Experiencing Shakespeare 1
Friday 3/27  - Experiencing Shakespeare 2
Monday 3/30  - FBI: Inside the Crime Lab
Tuesday 3/31  - Artistic Roots
Wednesday 4/1 -  Archaeology Adventures
Thursday 4/2  - Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Friday 4/3 -  Mission Control: Human Spaceflight