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Summer of Space

More SUMMER OF SPACE on Wednesday, August 14.  Don't miss these back-to-back, exhilarating episodes!


7:00PM   NOVA: Pluto and Beyond
Join the mission as the New Horizons spacecraft attempts to fly by NASA's most distant target yet. Since it explored Pluto in 2015, New Horizons is zooming toward Ultima Thule, an object four billion miles from Earth.

8:00PM   NOVA: The Planets - Ice Worlds
In the far reaches of the solar system, Uranus and Neptune dazzle with unexpected rings, supersonic winds and dozens of moons. And NASA's New Horizons gets a stunning up-close view of Pluto before venturing deep into the Kuiper Belt.

9:00PM   Breakthrough: The Ideas That Changed the World
Meet the brilliant minds throughout history, from Galileo to Edwin Hubble, responsible for creating the telescope. Today, their invention allows humanity to reach the furthest limits of seeing 13 billion light-years out.