Sidewalk Film Festival

Sidewalk Film Festival

We loved our time at Sidewalk Film Festival this year and were proud to sponsor Sunday’s Alabama Shorts blocks.

We are thrilled! Alabama Public Television had six films in the festival this year, our feature-length Shuttlesworth documentary and five Monograph shorts. Stream them below.

Monograph: Patricia Halsell-Robinson

Mobile’s Patricia Halsell-Robinson has been making extravagant couture gowns and trains for the Mobile Area Mardi Gras Association’s royal court for over 20 years. Feast your eyes on her gorgeous creations.

Monograph: Last Call Baking Co.

Last Call Baking Co. is full of surprises. After launching from Chanah Willis’ apartment at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Last Call Baking Co. has opened shop, feeding Birmingham, AL fresh, unusual, and aesthetically delightful baked goods. Among many influences, Willis draws inspiration from her Southern, Jewish heritage, her love of travel, and her background in fine arts. But what truly sets her apart from your average Betty Crocker is a wild appreciation for ingredients and pure adoring enchantment with their possibilities. This doc will make you hungry.

Thornton Dial

Monograph’s special broadcast documentary paying tribute to one of Alabama’s most prolific vernacular artists, the late Thornton Dial. Join Jackie Clay as she spends time with Thornton Dial’s family and speaks with Dial’s friend, fellow artist Lonnie Holley. Together they discuss Thornton Dial’s life, his art, and his legacy. Though Dial’s work has showcased in solo exhibits across the nation, Monograph is thrilled to cover Dial’s premiere large-scale solo exhibit in his home state at UAB’s Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts. Come join us in celebration of one of the most creative minds to emerge from Alabama.


Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth was raised in the crucible of segregated Birmingham but he was forged by its attempt to kill him. When the KKK planted a bomb underneath his bed and he emerged unharmed, he was sure he was saved by God to lead a Movement. His work not only ended legal segregation but led directly to the Civil and Voting Rights Acts – and inspired freedom movements around the world.

Monograph: Abadir’s

Can you smell what Greensboro is cooking? Demopolis native, Sarah Cole, fuses her Egyptian heritage with her Southern roots to make delicious treats in the Black Belt. Watch how Sarah and Abadir’s peel back the importance of sharing the culture baked into your community.

Monograph: Liza Butts

The work is dealing a lot with origins and me coming home and returning to this place that I grew up in and seeing it with fresh eyes as an adult. The landscape becomes this sort of record and document for history and layers of time. Alabama native Liza Butts is a painter and printmaker producing work in Birmingham, AL. Drawing on inspiration from her local environment, she uses color and translucency to synthesize composite images. What richness and complexity do you notice on a walk around your neighborhood?