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Ever wish you could watch a talk show where compelling subject matter -- not gossip -- is topic #1? Where defining moments in a career are explored? Where the evolution of a skill is discussed, and a look inside what makes talent tick, drives the conversation? "Speakeasy." One singular talent, chatting with that talent's chosen interviewer; whether a journalist, creative partner or friend. The premier season of "Speakeasy" has begun. Filmed before a live audience on a 1930's-era set located in Manhattan's historic McKittrick Hotel, the look and feel of this 5-part series is soft and intimate. Viewers will have the unique perspective of experiencing a personal, frank conversation. An artist may choose to illustrate a point through his instrument of choice, but "Speakeasy" is not a performance series. It's all about the conversation. In the first season, renowned artists such as CHIC's Nile Rodgers talks with longtime friend Valerie Simpson of Ashford & Simpson, and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd is interviewed by journalist Bill Weir. Other episodes include John Mellencamp talking with "Rolling Stone" founder and publisher Jann Wenner, Carlos Santana with Harry Belafonte and Rush lead vocalist Geddy Lee talking with author Michael Chabon.

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There are no upcoming episodes of this series scheduled on Alabama Public Television.

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