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Lafayette: the Lost Hero


This documentary chronicles the life and legend of the Marquis de Lafayette -- an intriguing, neglected and controversial figure in both the American and French Revolutions -- who at one time was the most famous man in the world. The film examines why a wealthy young French aristocrat would leave the comforts of the court to help a fledgling nation on another continent fight for independence. Lafayette's life and quest to bring democracy to America and France are shared, in part, as recorded in the extensive letters and memoirs of Lafayette; his wife, Adrienne de Noailles; and his close friend, George Washington. The documentary's narrative is also driven by a present-day search by Lafayette's descendant, Sabine Renault-Sabloniere, to find out more about her ancestor, uncovering the largely untold story of Lafayette's wife, Adrienne, second daughter of the Duke de Noailles, and the arranged marriage that turned into a great romance and a partnership in revolution.

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