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The Tastes of Satoyama

In this episode, we'll be going on a trip with Chef Yuri Nomura, who has played active roles in various food events in Japan and overseas, and has made appearances in magazines and on TV. Chef Yuri's destination is Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture, a town surrounded by mountains, which has long flourished through its forestry industry. In recent years, the town has seen increasing numbers of new residents, and the new efforts of these youthful residents - both in food and in fields like IT - have earned this region worldwide attention of late. Chef Yuri will be visiting a friend, Taichi Manabe, who is the originator of these projects to contribute to the region, as well as farmers who have worked with Taichi to hand down and develop their farming lifestyles and traditions. During her visit, Chef Yuri will talk with Taichi and these local farmers about issues that the town faces in the present and future, while trying some traditional local dishes. Chef Yuri will use freshly picked organic produce and umeboshi pickled plums - a local specialty - to make vegetable terrine, a salad full of the natural flavors of its ingredients. We'll also learn how to prepare irizake, a traditional seasoning. Join us for a taste of the delicious food and warm hospitality of Kamiyama's satoyama.

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