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Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics


What Is Art?

You think you know art when you see it, but this episode of Why Quilts Matter may make you think again. Turns out the quilt is the perfect test case for a dozen theories about what makes art, well.... art. Take the art vs. craft debate: As a domestic object made by women for a practical purpose the quilt falls squarely into the 'craft' category, and a humble one, at that. But do some quilts become 'art' when exhibited, like paintings, on a museum wall? Which ones? The plot thickens when we consider the claims of 'art quilts' made solely for exhibition. Are they art-not craft--just because their makers say they are, and how do we know, anyway? Who knew that it takes a soft cover to define a tough concept? Join host Shelly Zegart and crew as she explores 'what is art?'

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