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Homeless Chorus Speaks


THE HOMELESS CHORUS SPEAKS chronicles the efforts of musicians and homeless advocates Nina Deering and Steph Johnson to bring people off the streets and into a small church where they have formed a community of people who share a love of music. The group practices regularly and performs at venues throughout San Diego. While singing inspirational songs such as 'Over the Rainbow' and 'We Are Family,' their voices soar and the harsh realities of the street evaporate. Together, through their shared voices, they find joy and family, and from their music comes the power to change lives. In honest and riveting interviews, the chorus members discuss their participation with the group, but also their backgrounds, why they are homeless, the inhumanity of hopelessness, and their aspirations and dreams. Through their unflinching stories, they put a human face on a critical social issue. THE HOMELESS CHORUS SPEAKS captures the difficulties of daily life without shelter, but shows that with compassion and community, there is hope.

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