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2014 Winners Announced!

Alabama Public Television is pleased to announce the Alabama winners of the 2014 PBS Kids Go Writers Contest! The twelve winners will be honored at a special ceremony at APT's Birmingham office in June. First place winners' books have advanced to the national competition. National winners in each grade level will be announced on or before August 31.


First Place to Samantha Turral of Tuscaloosa for La Historia de las Mascotas de Mary (The History of Mary's Pets)

Second Place to Alexandria Roden of Ider for Pig Escapes - Watch Video

Third Place to Andrew Lea of Henagar for My Nightmares - Watch Video

First Grade:

First Place to Ellie Errett of Cullman for Princess Ellie and the Magic of the Paintbrush - Watch Video

Second Place to Kailee Cline of Harvest for The Elephant that Never Ate a Peanut - Watch Video

Third Place to Della Johnson of Alabaster for Lulu the Moon is Falling - Watch Video

Second Grade:

First Place to Karissa Moses of Crossville for Lisa Adds Up - Watch Video

Second Place to Karalina Mann of Ider for My First Day Camping

Third Place to KayLee Mann for of Ider Adventures of Library Pig

Third Grade:

First Place to Melody Jordan of Cragford for A Great Friendship - Watch Video

Second Place to Rebekah Cline of Harvest for The Dream World Adventure - Watch Video

Third Place to Izabella Kulczykz of Birmingham for The TV Remote

Alabama winners will receive prizes including LeapFrog LeapReader activity kits, Highlights magazines, and PBS Kids Writers Contest bags and pens. National winners will be recognized with a variety of prizes including tablet computers for first place winners, e-readers for second place winners and MP-3 players for third place winners. All of the children who sent in books for the contest will receive certificates of participation for their work.

The 2014 PBS Kids Go! Young Writers contest is an educational outreach initiative of Alabama Public Television. For assistance please contact Dwayne Johnson at

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