Movie Premiere of A Symphony Celebration: The Blind Boys of Alabama with Dr. Henry Panion III


Thursday, February 1


Alabama Theatre

First, the five-time Grammy Award winning Blind Boys of Alabama will be joining us just days before they head out for the 2024 Grammys, of which they are nominated for Three. We will recognize them for the significance they have played as ambassadors not only of Alabama but of the United States, and throughout the world. Also, a special recognition will be given to our partners and sponsors for their generous support and guidance, particularly UAB Medicine, Medical Properties Trust, Alabama State Council on the Arts, Alabama Bicentennial Commission, Alabama Department of Tourism, Alabama Film Office, American Public Television, PBS, and our co-presenters for the evening, Alabama Public Television.

Following the continued success of Dreams of Hope, which has now been seen by millions across the world, won 13 Telly Awards, and received 2 Emmy Awards, A Symphony Celebration is poised to expand upon that success. During American Public Television's Fall MarketPlace, the annual convention for PBS program directors and other industry leaders, A Symphony Celebration received a 96-percentile ranking of all new PBS shows.....simply astonishing. And every one of the stations in the top 50 markets in America have already programmed the film in their initial broadcast offerings, some as many as seven (7) times during the month of February alone.

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