Dance and the Humanities


Feb. 17-18, March 3-4 and April 13


University of Alabama at Huntsville

The UAH College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences and the UAH Humanities Center is pleased to launch its “Dance and the Humanities” series this spring. It seeks to promote the intersection of performance arts and the human condition, including as it relates to often underrepresented dance forms as well as underrepresented performers. This series will focus on a series of dialogues where the dancers, performers, and musicians will discuss their craft, its history, and its importance, with humanities scholars and community stakeholders. It will consist of three dialogues, and masterclasses, dedicated to three forms of dance and music: West African Dance and Drumming (F Feb 17-S Feb 18 at UAH, open to the public), Musical Theatre (F March 3-S March 4 at UAH, open to the public), and Ballet (R April 13, at the Huntsville Ballet, registration required). For more information see:

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