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Hog Wild

Pork is the heart and soul of American barbecue, especially in the South. In this show, you'll learn how to smoke a spectacular whole pork loin roast (complete with ribs, loin, and tenderloin) on a wood-burning rotisserie. (To wake you up there's coffee crust and smoky redeye barbecue sauce.) Next, pulled pork-prepared with a herb slather and served with a West Virginia peppery vinegar sauce. Speaking of Virginia, you'll learn how to cure and hickory-smoke a spectacular shoulder ham. (The process involves four classic techniques: brining, injecting, cold smoking, and hot smoking.) And to serve with it: barbecue cabbage with smoked cheese and chorizo. Go hog wild. Do it now. Recipes: Smoke-tisserie Pork Loin Roast; Smokehouse Ham; Pulled Pork Shoulder with West Virginia Barbecue Sauce; Chorizo Barbecued Cabbage.

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