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The Seafood Diet

What better place to introduce our 'Seafood Diet' episode than by the sea. We certainly do not need to live close to salt water to enjoy fresh fish and shell fish these days. But one thing is certain: as we age, the lean, healthy, tasty, aquatic protein and Omega-3 sources from seafood are very welcome to command a greater portion of our diets. This in turn can lessen our consumption of fatty red meats! David prepares a mixed bag of seafood specialties, starting with a fabulous first course, Crab In A Cradle. Sweetly decadent crab meat is nestled in a ripe avocado half, then dressed with a light and lovely lemon dressing. For the fish course our host revs up one of his many bamboo steamers, slitting and seasoning a whole red snapper with Thai-style aromatics before steaming it to perfection in lemongrass-scented vapor. And for the main course, it's a hearty and appetizing Maritime Stew loaded with delicious and nutritious varieties of fish and shell fish swimming in a lean but luscious broth!

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