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Subtracting Sodium

Whether or not we flirt with hypertension, a diet that Reduces, Replaces and Removes excess sodium, especially hidden sodium from preservatives, is important at any age. So, instead of adding too much salt to our meals, in this episode of Food Over 50 we are 'Subtracting Sodium.' Chef/host David Jackson builds a variety of sushi rolls, or NoriMaki, that are far easier to make than we might think. Not only is there less rice to reduce the carb load, but David uses fresh lemon to replace half the salty soy sauce, including an extra special sodium reducing trick! Then our host prepares Quick-Kraut & Pork Casserole, replacing traditional salty sauerkraut with sauteed cabbage, caraway and vinegar to compliment the pork, onions and applesauce in this delicious and nutritious Alsatian classic. One the best ways to completely remove extraneous sodium from any recipe is to use chili and citrus. That's why David finishes up with zesty Beef Fajitas Tacos, grilled with red chili and dressed with the bite of refreshing lime!

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