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'Quality Calories: Eat Better & Count Less!' That's the title of this episode and it means exactly what it says. By consuming fresher, more wholesome foods, cooked without greasy coatings or rich sauces we can appease our appetites and enjoy our meals without adding a calculator to the table setting! David creates a garden-rich, wickedly tasty Spanish Tortilla that balances egg and cheese protein with the healthy bulk of new potatoes, chick peas and green beans, plus the subtle but provocative flavors of anchovy and sun-dried tomato. Yum! Then he artfully assembles a Chicken & Whole Grain Salad full of crisp, fresh vegetables, plus pearled barley and bulgar wheat, simply dressed with superbly healthy lemon and olive oil. Ignoring the deep fat fryer, David prepares a platter of Batter-Less Fish & Air-Fried Chips. It may not have quite the crunch of traditional fish & chips, but this delicious recipe makes up for crispiness by shrugging off excess fats and refined carbs while maintaining fantastic flavor!

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