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Was 1970 the year that everything ended, or that everything started? To rock climbers watching the controversial ascent of the Dawn Wall that year, it's a heated debate. Some four decades later, director Oakley Anderson-Moore, the daughter of a climber from that era, stumbles onto her father's old hi8 tapes, and sets out to answer the question: why climb when there's nothing to gain -- and everything to lose? Wry humor and an eclectic soundtrack punctuate the delinquent antics of America's first climbers, spanning the 'vulgar' new immigrant-offspring at the 'Gunks, the rivalry of Yosemite's rock gods, and the filmmaker's father's fruit-tramping life. A moving portrait emerges as a generation of disillusioned youth who took to the mountains must decide how to sustain their lifestyle is in the face of competition, commercialism, and coming of age.

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