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The Breakfast Club

In Season 2, Food Over 50's first episode 'The Breakfast Club' addresses our hasty and redundant consumption of what is widely consider 'the most important meal of the day!' But is it? Does a lumberjack breakfast full of bacon, sausage, ham, potatoes and pancakes & syrup really make sense at our age? FO5O's Chef/Host David Jackson helps us navigate the idea of a healthier, more sensible breakfast with three extraordinary morning meal options. First up is one of FO5O'S savory breakfast/brunch favorites, colorfully nutritious, delectably Dirty Eggs! They're scrambled with turmeric and sherry, mushrooms and spinach, then served over a single slice of whole grain toast slathered with humus! Then it's loads of fresh vegetables for an anytime breakfast, with a sumptuous Garden Skillet topped with a poached egg! And what's more comforting in the morning than oatmeal? Especially David's perfectly made steel-cut Slow Oats, with fresh pear and blueberries, or dates and walnuts!

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