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Chef David Cordua gets a taste of the bold flavors and unique cultures enriching the state of Texas in the half hour special THE HOUSTON COOKBOOK. Profiling local restaurant owners and chefs, David uncovers the international flavors of Houston, gathering one-of-a-kind recipes and exploring culinary delights in one of the most diverse cities in America. In the special, David joins chef Kiran Verma as she shops for spices in Houston's Ghandi District. Then, at her popular restaurant for fine Indian dining, she shares a family recipe for chicken tikka masala, passed down through generations. Later, Kim Oanh Vu and her son Tho Lam, who run a small shop called Pho-One, teach David how to make a noodle soup they brought to Houston from their original family restaurant in Vietnam. After that, second-generation Texan Kavachi teaches David how to prepare and eat a common dinner in Nigerian households - egusi soup and fufu, a home-style sticky dough. At her vibrant bistro Cuchara, known for some of the most authentic Mexican food in Houston, restaurateur Ana Beaven also enlists David's help to make a spicy mole verde recipe from Oaxaca. Finally, at his pop-up barbeque fusion joint Blood Bros. BBQ, Quy Hoang teaches David the basics of a Texas and Korean influenced dish, Gochujang beef belly with burnt ends and Korean salad.

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