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Rhine River Cruise

Samantha takes an epic trip along the Rhine River, first stopping at Freiburg, Germany, where she learns about the unique bachle water system and how this city is the gateway to the Black Forest. Next stop, Samantha visits a workshop, whose craftspeople work on restoration pieces for the famed Strasbourg Cathedral in Strasbourg, France, and then takes a stroll through the picturesque Petite France neighborhood. In Heidelberg, Germany, Samantha learns of its rich history while touring the iconic Heidelberg Castle. Venturing further to the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Samantha gets a lesson with Johannes Gutenberg's original printing press and assists in printing a page just as Gutenberg did in the 1400's. Samantha then takes a gondola ride to a vista atop Rudesheim, Germany, where she tours a vineyard and tastes some of the unique wines of this wine-making region. Finally arriving in Cologne, Samantha takes in the sights of the magnificent Dom Cathedral with a local and visits a Kolsch brewery, where learning Kolsch beer can only be called as such if, and only if, it is brewed in Cologne under certain brewing parameters.

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