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Towards The North/Los Comandos

Los Comandos: El Salvador - where gang and police violence rule the country with the highest murder rate in the world. For 16-year-old Mimi and her friends, refuge from the bloodshed can be found in a group of volunteer paramedics called the Comandos de Salvamento. But when the brutality reaches one of their fellow Comandos, Mimi must decide if she will stay and risk her life helping others, or flee the country and head north. Towards the North: Every year, thousands of people flee the extreme gang violence of Central America in hopes of a better life. TOWARDS THE NORTH gives an intimate look into the daily battles of asylum seekers on the run through the eyes of Nelly and her daughter Joseline. With their sights set on the U.S., the mother and daughter team face the task of crossing the length of Mexico. But they soon realize the journey may be more difficult than they first imagined.

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