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Fish Hits The Fire

Fish on the grill. Four simple words that strike fear into the hearts of novice grillers. Well, fear no more, because Project Fire will walk you every step of the grilling process-from grilling whole fish and fillets to fire-roasting shellfish. Singapore-spiced halibut grilled in banana leaves. A whole fish with Indonesian flavors grilled by Rafael Lunetta, chef/owner of Lunetta in Santa Monica. Alaskan salmon riffs on Russian coulibiac, with a stuffing of grilled onions, mushrooms, rice and smoke. Finally, we grill pristinely fresh oysters with Asian-inflected aromatics. SINGAPORE- SPICED HALIBUT IN BANANA LEAVES; WHOLE GRILLED BRANZINO WITH INDONESIAN SPICES; NEW SCHOOL COULIBIAC GRILLED SALMON WITH SMOKED EGGS; GRILLED OYSTERS WITH ASIAN AROMATICS.

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