Simply Ming Arctic Char with Fanney Dora Sigurjonsdottir, Vodka Coctail on Alabama Public Television
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Arctic Char with Fanney Dora Sigurjonsdottir, Vodka Coctail

Ming's third visit in Iceland is to chef Fanney Dora Sigurjonsdottir who is head chef at Skal!, an experimental bar and restaurant in Reykjavik's Hlemmur Food Hall. Ming meets chef Sigursjonsdottir at the Reyka vodka distillery, where they learn about the volcanic rock-purified water that goes into making their special liquor and get inspired for making cocktails back at the bar. Then, they gather up produce at Hlemmur Food Hall together and prepare Arctic char, one of the northernmost fish species with beautiful depth of flavor. Chef Sigurjonsdottir prepares a cured Arctic char tartar with grilled bread. Then, Ming prepares a tea-smoked five peppercorn Arctic char with root vegetable risotto.

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