Simply Ming Icelandic Lamb with Chef Thrainn Freyr Vigfusson on Alabama Public Television
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Icelandic Lamb with Chef Thrainn Freyr Vigfusson

It's all about Icelandic lamb this week on Simply Ming. Ming visits a fifth-generation farm in the Icelandic countryside where lamb is herded from the mountains to the mossy, grassy fields. Then, he meets up with chef Thrainn Freyr Vigfusson at his Lebanese and Moroccan food-inspired restaurant, Sumac, in downtown Reykjavik to prepare lamb. Chef Vigfusson is a member of the Iceland culinary team and won two gold medals at the World Culinary Cup, among other awards. Cooking over charcoal, chef Vigfusson makes grilled lamb ribs with dried grapes, roasted almonds and lentils while Ming serves up his lamb fried rice with sumac Skyr. Ming also makes a stop at Iceland's most famous lamb hot dog stand for a quick bite.

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