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For Akheem

In one of the most volatile places in the country, Daje Shelton is only 17 years old when she faces a judge. Having been suspended from her local high school for a number of petty offenses, Daje's opportunities are narrowing quickly. As a last resort to keep her out of prison the judge enrolls her the Innovative Concept Academy - a school for troubled youth. While at the academy, Daje struggles with her classes, attends funerals of friends killed around her, falls in love with a boy named Antonio and manages a complicated relationship with her mother. As she fights for her future the nearby city of Ferguson erupts into flames, family members including Antonio are incarcerated, and Daje gives birth to a baby boy, Akheem. Through the quiet, intimate account of Daje Shelton's life, For Akheem presents an unvarnished exploration of a complex web of juvenile justice, education, poverty and race in America today. The judge explains, 'Either you make it with me or you don't make it at all.' What choices will Daje make?

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