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Dr. Amens Brain Health Revolution Master Package

Dr. Amen's Brain Health Revolution Master Package

In this Change Your Brain, Heal Your Mind Thank You Gift Kit from Dr. Daniel Amen, you will recieve the complete resource for your brain and mental health needs. This Kit Offers 1. The End of Mental Illness Hardcover Book, 2. DVD of Program with Bonus Material,3. Brain Health Revolution Coaching Course and Questionnaires,4. The Good vs Evil Ruler Brain Health Card Deck, 5. BRIGHT MINDS Light Therapy Box coupon – Blue light 460-490nm, lux 10,000, 6. All-New Brain Fit Life App and online program.

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Due to a heavy backlog of packages experienced by the postal service, delivery of thank you gifts could be delayed between 6 to 8 weeks. APT mails tickets 2-3 weeks prior to the concert date to avoid lost or misplaced tickets. Thank you for your patience.

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