WINE FIRST Marathon on July 29 at 8pm

Create Channel presents a marathon of the best connoisseurs and the best wine from around the world.

Watch Wine First on Create Channel on July 29.

10:00 - Mosel Valley

Searching for wine at the Mosel Valley in Germany, an area known for white wines, with chef Harald Rüssel cooking three meals to match each wine.

10:30 - Rheingau

The Rheingau wine region of Germany, known for both red and white wines, with chef Josef Laufer cooking three dishes to match each wine.

11:00 - Styria and Burgenland

Searching for three local Styrian wines to present to chef Harald Irka in Austria.

11:30 - Vienna and Lower Austria

Searching for three wines in Vienna and the surrounding wine region, with chef Thomas Dorfer pairing his food with the wines.

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