Wild Scandinavia

Explore the incredible beauty of Scandinavia in a new three-part miniseries premiering Wednesday, May 10.

WEDNESDAYS at 7:00PM Premiering May 10th

WILD SCANDINAVIA, a breathtaking natural history series premiering May 10th,  immerses viewers in three iconic Scandinavian landscapes: the hauntingly beautiful coast; the magical seasonal forests, and the volcanic and arctic extremes. Surprising wildlife stories of lynx and puffins, orca and wolves, reveal the resilient spirit of Scandinavia. Myth and modernity co-exist: Odin and Thor, base jumpers, and reindeer herders are all woven into this icy natural world.

In episode one, "Life on the Edge," explore Scandinavia’s wild and unpredictable coast, a place of haunting beauty and dangerous extremes. This journey begins around the Swedish Baltic Sea, which includes iconic fjords; home to eagles, otters, base jumpers, and orcas.

"Heartlands," airing May 17th, journeys to the enchanted Scandinavian Forest, an ancient land shrouded in myth and legend. Elusive wolves and lynx stalk this secret world, while osprey and reindeer survive the ever-changing seasons through surprising and ancient alliances.

Part three, "Fire and Ice," transports viewers to the far frozen north. Awake under the long polar night, Muskoxen, polar bears, and arctic foxes must navigate the dramatic transformation of their world as it melts into a sleepless rush of life under the midnight sun.

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