Have an Antenna?

You can watch Alabama Public Television's four channels over the air for free with an antenna. See what station is closest to you.

Most Alabamians receive APT’s broadcasts via cable or satellite, but thousands of others continue to watch our four digital channels over-the-air with an antenna. APT’s nine antennas are positioned throughout the state to provide equal access to APT’s educational content for all Alabamians. Outdoor antennas mounted 30ft. high are recommended for receiving digital broadcasts, but many viewers are successful using smaller indoor antennas, depending on their distance from the transmitters.

Alabama Public Television's transmitters are:

  • WAIQ, Channel 26 in Montgomery
  •  WBIQ, Channel 10 in Birmingham
  • WCIQ, Channel 7 at Mt. Cheaha
  •  WDIQ, Channel 2 in Dozier
  • WEIQ, Channel 42 in Mobile
  • WFIQ, Channel 36 in Florence
  • WGIQ, Channel 43 in Louisville/Texasville
  • WHIQ, Channel 25 in Huntsville
  • WIIQ, Channel 41 in Demopolis

For more detailed information, visit Broadcast Channels

Trouble Receiving APT?  Send us a note or call 1-800-239-5233 ext. 145

Even if you receive APT via cable or satellite, you may not have access to all four of our channels this way. Consider adding an antenna to one or more of your televisions to take advantage of digital channels 2, 3 and 4 - PBS Kids, Create Channel and World Channel 

To assist families with students learning at home, educational programming is available on both PBS Kids and World. Find details about Learn at Home.