WCIQ Channel Rescan

Important information if you watch WCIQ over the air.

If you live in East Central Alabama and watch APT on WCIQ channel 7 using an antenna, you will need to Rescan for Channels on your television or digital converter box on Thursday, July 2 at 10:00am to continue receiving APT.  Channel 7 is moving to a new frequency in July as part of a national reallocation of the airwaves by the FCC to make more room for wireless internet broadband services.

To rescan, select "scan" or "autotune" from your TV or converter box control menu to start the process. You can usually find instructions by pressing the "set-up" or "menu" buttons on your remote control. Once your rescan is complete, your television will still identify WCIQ as channel 7.  More Details

Rescanning is straightforward and requires no new equipment or services. If you watch TV through a cable or satellite service, your service provider will do it for you.

Visit www.TVAnswers.org for more information on rescanning and look for more information to come on-air and at www.aptv.org. If you have problems, call APT at 1-800-239-5233 for help.

UNTIL JULY 2, WCIQ will be operating at reduced power on an interim antenna. We greatly regret if this causes you to lose your over-the-air signal. Due to the large number of stations around the country that are changing transmitters and antennas during this time, we don't have a choice in the timing.

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