Monograph Season 6 Premiere

Tonight at 9, Monograph’s new host, Jennifer Wallace Fields, visits Birmingham artist and chef, Roscoe Hall.

Roscoe Hall (left) and Jennifer Wallace Fields (right)

The new host of "Monograph," Jennifer Wallace Fields, visits Birmingham artist and chef, Roscoe Hall in the season 6 premiere airing April 25 at 9 p.m. on APT. The two Alabama-based artists walkthrough the process of creating paint from food in Hall’s home studio.

Raised in the shadow of Alabama's Dreamland BBQ, Roscoe Hall set out across the country to learn from the best chefs in the best restaurants. Returning to Alabama in the 2000’s, Hall dug up his Chicago roots to reflect on the effects the 1980's crack epidemic had on his community using unique paint pigments created from spices and produce.

The "Monograph" crew also visits with Birmingham native artist Craig Legg and LA-based writer and artist, Stacy Elaine Dacheux in the episode.

Craig Legg has been writing, building and painting art for decades. His History of Birmingham Rock and Roll Trading Card Series dug into the city's musical past and present to paint the people, places and supporters of Birmingham's rock scene.

University of Alabama alum Stacy Elaine Dacheux provides a thoughtful look into the meaning and benefits of using creativity for expression and connection. With her practice as a writer and painter, she cultivates a sense of caring taking for those around her as well as self-care.

We spoke with Fields about taking over as host. "We're never going to run out of people to talk to because there's just so much talent," she said. "And it's not really highlighted anywhere else.”

Fields returns to "Monograph" after her Springville-based studio appeared in the season 5 finale, where she shared her fascination with memory and the natural cycles of life with original host Jackie Clay. Learn more about Fields here.

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"Monograph" is a docu-series produced by Alabama Public Television, showcasing Alabama’s rich creative and artistic diversity. We highlight a multitude of disciplines and human identities, both inside and outside the traditional art world. "Monograph" uploads bi-weekly on APT’s YouTube Channel. You can watch the quarterly broadcast specials on the PBS app or your local Alabama Public Television station.

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