Thank You Members!

Thank you to all those whose gifts of support have helped us serve people across the state in this difficult year. Happy Thanksgiving!

During this time of celebration, we are thankful for the opportunity to serve you. We are thankful for your viewership, your friendship, your loyalty and your support.

This past year we've seen both disruption and resilience in communities around Alabama. We've continued to adjust to new routines at work, at school and at home.

At APT we continued serving our vital role in education in Alabama through broadcast, online and hands-on services.  We created a new science series for kids, DIY Science Time, featuring experiments students could do at home in the family kitchen.  In the Spring we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the APT Young Writers Contest for students in grades K-3, and presented our 2021 Alabama Young Heroes' Awards for high school students. We presented special online learning opportunities for families during the summer.  And just recently, we launched Yellowhammer History Hunt, a digital series exploring Alabama's past.

In prime time, our local series Spotlight on Education, Spotlight on Agriculture and Monograph brought new stories to the air each month. APT's CAPITOL JOURNAL provided weekly reports on the pandemic from the state health officer throughout the year. New documentaries explored the music, history, and natural wonders of our state.

We are thankful for the tremendous viewer support we've received during this time. Now it's time to prepare for a new year. We look forward to meeting whatever challenges 2022 offers - and we ask for your help to make it possible. Please give today. 


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