Sunday Drama Finales!

Will Phileas Fogg win his bet? Can James and Helen agree where to spend Christmas day? What's wrong with Tricki Woo?! Join us Sunday and find out!

On Super Bowl Sunday, All Creatures Great and Small was the second most-watched program on American television! According to PBS, the incredibly popular MASTERPIECE series also recently broke all previous records to become the most-streamed series in Passport history!

MEANWHILE, drama fans have also been avidly following the adventures of Phileas Fogg and his friends as they attempt to travel Around the World in 80 Days.

BOTH of these hit MASTERPIECE series draw to a close THIS WEEKEND! Please join us for the excitement of Fogg's final dangerous dash and the enchantment of Christmastime in the Yorkshire Dales. Television drama is rarely more satisfying - and your financial support makes that possible. Please consider a gift to APT to help us continue bringing this high quality of television into your home and homes across Alabama.




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