Summer of Mystery Continues!

Sunday night mysteries continue with new episodes of Ripley and Endeavour and the premiere of Before We Die.


RidleyRIDLEY: Episode 2
SUNDAY at 7:00PM
Ridley always suspected the initial investigation into the unsolved case was flawed, and that the wrong man was tried for Hannah Lindsay's abduction. As they delve deeper, the discovery of another body leads to a shocking secret.
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Endeavour on MasterpieceENDEAVOUR: THE FINAL SEASON - Episode 2
SUNDAY at 8:00PM
A gang of entitled college students runs riot. But are they behind a rash of lethal mayhem? Morse makes a date with Joan, then starts digging up an old crime scene.
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Before We Die (UK)BEFORE WE DIE: Season 2 Episode 1
SUNDAY at 10:00PM
Hannah and Billy try to uncover the leak at Police HQ which resulted in the deaths of several of their colleagues. When Hannah’s obsession concerns her boss, she and Billy pursue their own “unofficial” investigation. Christian and Bianca find that their hideout isn’t as safe as it seems. Under pressure to move her cocaine, Dubravka meets with an intermediary who makes her a tempting offer.
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Q & A with Shaun Evans

Watch a recording of a live, special Q&A event with Shaun Evans, hosted by MASTERPIECE Studio podcast host Jace Lacob, to hear all about the final season, acting, directing, and more!

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