Sister Boniface Season 2

Lorna Watson returns as the intrepid moped-riding nun, winemaker, and part-time forensic scientist ready to solve a new season of crime.


Great news, Sister Boniface fans! Thanks to your support we have a new season of fun crime dramas to share beginning this week.

For the uninitiated, SISTER BONIFACE is a cozy British mystery series spun off of the popular FATHER BROWN series with Mark Williams. Lorna Watson plays the unconventional nun of St. Vincent's Convent who has a PhD in forensic science and who happily shares her skills with the police in the town of Great Slaughter in the Cotswolds - apparently so-named due to the high body count associated with it. Series fans will also remember that she dabbles in winemaking.

Season two brings us ten new episodes, beginning Saturday/Monday with "Don't Try This At Home."  The children's TV show Jolly Roger comes to Great Slaughter to record a roadshow episode. The program editor, Dinah Morgan, returns from three months' jury service and is not happy with producer Fliss Forsyth and the direction the show has taken. When Morgan is found murdered, Forsyth and the shows three presenters - ex-soldier Jono Hardy, ventriloquist Danny Lemon, and former circus performer Sandy Shanks - become Detective Inspector Sam Gillespie's main suspects and he needs Sister Boniface to find evidence.

Like FATHER BROWN, SISTER BONIFACE is lighthearted fun and we're happy to share this new season with all the show's fans.

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