Road Trip Tip: PBS KIDS Games App Is Free - And Doesn't Need WiFi!

Ease your child's boredom with a mix of some favorite on-screen and off-screen activities from PBS KIDS for your next road trip.

Is your family ready to travel farther from home this summer? More travel can lead to more waiting, riding, or flying time. That can be tough for a young child — they’ll want something fun to do! The PBS KIDS Games app includes dozens of games and activities both on- and off-screen. Best of all, the app doesn't require WiFi, so your family can enjoy it wherever your travels take you!

1. Download the free PBS KIDS Games app ahead of time! (No WiFi worries!)

2. Continue your child’s learning and exploration after playing the games with a related off-screen activity.

Here are a few of our favorite pairings:

Play Nature Road Trip from “Nature Cat:” Your child can join the gang on a nature road trip visiting national parks and natural wonders around the United States.
Then: Adapt this DIY Fun Time Spinner activity and writing in your own destinations or activities to do in the car. Or, Create a Natural Toolbox and burn off energy at your next rest stop.

Play Nature Sights and Sounds from “Elinor Wonders Why:” Your child can immerse themselves in nature with this game! Go to the desert, sit by a river, or choose a different spot. Then add elements to the scene to create your own outdoor oasis.
Then: Play Nature Observation Bingo goes great with this game. Use the PDF included as inspiration and draw your own bingo card on paper or a tablet. Your child will be able to power up their observation skills just like Elinor and her friends.

Play Chicken Coop from “Peg + Cat:” Your child can practice counting numbers to 100 by adding chickens to this fun and fanciful chicken coop!
Then: Play Road Trip Math to keep the counting fun going. All you need is paper and something to write with.

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