NOVA: A.I. Revolution

Tonight at 8, explore the promise, perils, and possible future of new A.I. technologies taking the world by storm. Experts explore what A.I. can – and can’t – do today, and what lies ahead.

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Can we harness the power of artificial intelligence to solve the world’s most challenging problems without creating an uncontrollable force that ultimately destroys humanity? That's the critical question at the heart of  NOVA: A.I. Revolution premiering this week on APT.

With the rise of ChatGPT, the world has been transfixed by the power and potential of the latest generation of A.I., with its abilities to answer complex questions, write essays, generate realistic-looking images – even pass a lawyer’s bar exam – all in a matter of seconds. Correspondent Miles O’Brien meets scientists using the latest algorithms to accelerate discovery in fields from medicine to climate change - some even using A.I. to build O’Brien a new robotic arm - and explores how humanity can avoid the worst potential impacts of powerful technologies that in some ways we don’t fully understand.

“The conversation around A.I. in our world is changing rapidly every day,” said correspondent Miles O’Brien. A.I. Revolution aims to show people what this new technology is capable of, as well as some of the concerns that emerge when you are creating something that has the power to perceive things far beyond the scope of our own understanding of the world.”  Read more...

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