NYT Crosswords Puzzle

Receive a one-year subscription to the New York Times Crossword Puzzle with a $10 monthly sustaining gift.

A lot of us are spending more time that usual around the house in the last couple of months, and sometimes wishing we had something to do. We hope you’ve taken advantage of the time to watch more on APT, but this month we're offering something else you might enjoy: New York Times Online Crossword Puzzles, which are an additional benefit when you become a Sustaining Member of APT with a gift of $120 a year or just $10 per month.

You can play the New York Times puzzles in any browser across all electronic devices! You can start a crossword on your computer, switch to your tablet, and finish on your phone. Or, play in the Apple or Android apps. You get access to 20 years’ worth of puzzle archives, plus the daily, weekend, and mini crosswords. You can even switch it up with a little Sudoku or a variety of word puzzles.

Again, you can receive access to the crosswords for an entire year when you become an APT Sustainer with an ongoing monthly gift of $10 per month – and you’ll also receive APT Passport and the APT Member Benefit App. Most important, your gift will help make sure that APT can continue to support citizens, students, parents and educators in good times and bad. GIVE NOW. The New York Times Crossword subscription is available for a limited time, so make your gift today.