New Season Premiere!

New judges Tim Hollingsworth and Francis Lam join Tiffany Derry and host Alejandra Ramos as competition commences with 8 new home cooks.


Season 3 of PBS’s popular cooking competition series THE GREAT AMERICAN RECIPE premieres Monday, June 17 with eight new home cooks, two new judges and one new location. Award-winning chef and Los Angeles restaurateur Tim Hollingsworth and Francis Lam, host of public radio’s “The Splendid Table,” are new judges for Season 3, joining returning host Alejandra Ramos and judge Tiffany Derry at a new filming location in Nashville, Tennessee.

An upbeat cooking competition that spotlights the amazing variety of tastes and traditions found across the country, THE GREAT AMERICAN RECIPE celebrates the roots of America’s diverse cuisine. Season 3 will feature eight new talented home cooks preparing their most beloved recipes. Each week the judges will determine which home cook has the winning dish and, in the final week, the top three will compete for a chance to win this year’s competition.

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