New Season Coming

Throughout this month, Kelly is recording inspiring, thought-provoking, and uniquely PBS interviews in preparation for the fall!

Premiering in October!

Join Kelly in deep and spirited conversations with high profile thought leaders on topics that mean something to all of us – values, beliefs and core relationships.  Confirmed guests include Philanthropist Melinda Gates, Comedian and recent Emmy-nominee Kamau Bell, Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta and Surfer Bianca Valenti, Basketball Coach Steve Kerr, Public Health Leader Atul Gawande, Activist Ai-jen Poo, Intellectual Scott Galloway and Musician David Byrne.

Thanks to its popularity, season two of TELL ME MORE features more than twice the number of interviews as season one, which included Alabama's Bryan Stevenson, actor and talk show host James Corden, and  actress and entrepreneur Jennifer Garner

We are excited that Alabama Public Television can bring thoughtful, meaningful programs like TELL ME MORE into your home.  Tell us YOU want more with a gift of support.  Thank you.

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