New PBS Kids Schedule

PBS Kids launches new series Work It Out Wombats! and updates the children's programming line-up beginning February 6.


You’ll notice some big changes in our weekday schedule beginning February 6th as PBS launches a brand new PBS Kids program and updates the full children's line-up.

WORK IT OUT WOMBATS!, a new animated series for kids ages 3-6, stars a playful trio of marsupial siblings—Malik, Zadie and Zeke—who live with their grandmother, Super, in their treehouse apartment complex. WORK IT OUT WOMBATS! will introduce computational thinking concepts that will help young viewers solve meaningful problems, learn flexible thinking and how to express themselves—all while using the practices and processes at the core of computer science. The series premieres Monday, February 6th at 9:30am on APT.

“The Wombats are all about exploring the world around them and, much like preschoolers, their curiosity and love of adventure know no bounds,” said Sara DeWitt, Senior Vice President and General Manager, PBS KIDS. “Computational thinking is a way of approaching problems in strategic ways, helping young children respond and adapt to the world around them. We’re excited for viewers to explore these foundational skills and mindsets while having fun with their new marsupial friends.”

WORK IT OUT WOMBATS! is just the start of the PBS Kids changes in February. Based on research into children's viewing habits and other educational data, PBS has re-organized the entire kids schedule beginning February 6. Most of children's PBS Kids favorites are still scheduled, but broadcast times have changed. Below is a schedule showing all the changes coming so children and parents can make plans ahead of time.

PBS Kids programming on the main channel will end at 3:00pm with the new schedule, but PBS Kids programming is still available 24 hours a day on our digital channel 2, the PBS Kids Channel. And episodes of all PBS Kids programs can be streamed for free online. In fact, there were more than 6 million PBS Kids programs streamed by families in Alabama in the month of November alone!

New Daytime Kids Schedule beginning Feb. 6


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