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Toby Jones stars in the shocking true story of the largest miscarriage of justice in British history.


Exploring one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in British legal history, Mr. Bates vs The Post Office premiering April 7 on MASTERPIECE was created with direct input from the innocent – and indomitable – people caught up in it. Following its UK broadcast premiere in January, the series has set off a firestorm of public interest and, within eight days of premiering, the Prime Minister announced a new law to pardon the victims who had been wrongly convicted. The stellar ensemble cast is led by BAFTA award-winning Toby Jones (Empire of Light, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Sherlock) as Alan Bates.

When money started to seemingly disappear from its local branches, the government owned Post Office wrongly blamed their own managers for its apparent loss. For more than a decade, hundreds were accused of theft and fraud, and many were even sent to prison - leaving lives, marriages, and reputations in ruins. But the issue was actually caused by errors in the Post Office’s own computer system - something it denied for years. Revealing a shocking David vs. Goliath fight for justice, this is the story of the decent ordinary people who were relentlessly pursued, coerced and controlled by a powerful corporation, and their ongoing battle, against seemingly insurmountable odds, to right so many horrific wrongs.

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