Mighty: The Life and Legacy of Pat Dye

Film celebrating beloved coach's life on the field and lifelong passion for the outdoors premieres this month on APT.

Pat Dye Documentary to Premiere September 25

The legacy of Coach Pat Dye will always include the impact he had on Auburn University. “Few have done as much for Auburn as Pat Dye,” said Jimmy Rane, a member of the Auburn University Board of Trustees and a long-time friend of Dye’s. Rane is also the president and CEO of Great Southern Wood Holdings, Inc., the Abbeville-based company  that Dye had supported as a spokesman and board member until his death in June 2020.

Dye revived an institution and turned pastures into paradise. But the best things he planted are the memories in those who loved him most. Many of those memories are shared in a new documentary that Rane produced, and it will premiere on September 25 on APT. The name of the film is Mighty: The Life and Legacy of Pat Dye, and it tells the story of Coach Dye’s life, of his football career as a player and a coach, and of his passion for horticulture and the outdoors.

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