Mark Your Calendar

See this year's ONLY television broadcast of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" on Sunday, Dec. 19 at 6:30pm on APT.

Linus reminds the Peanuts gang of the meaning of Christmas, in this beloved holiday classic. As Christmas approaches, Charlie Brown is depressed; he confides in Linus, who tries to cheer him. He visits Lucy's psychiatric booth, but she's no help. He tries throwing himself into the pageant, but it only makes him feel worse. Finally, he decides that they need a Christmas tree for their play - but his selection leaves the rest of the group laughing. Then Linus reads his friends the story of the Nativity, which prompts them to work on decorating the humble tree and exclaim gleefully, "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!"

This will be the only showing of A Charlie Brown Christmas on television this holiday season, so be sure to join us!  SET REMINDER

A Charlie Brown Christmas


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