Ken Burns' BASEBALL Sunday

Ken Burns' acclaimed docuseries dives into both front-page and forgotten stories of America's game, as well as its impact on national culture, civil rights, and urban life.

Baseball, Ken Burns' acclaimed nine-part series, airs on Alabama Public Television starting July 10. Burns' lets viewers experience the history of America's pastime, one that changed the game for millions nationwide.

Through 200 years of continental conquest, violent conflict, and social upheaval, baseball has survived. It is full of contradictions: a pastoral sport born in the urban sprawl, a democratic exercise with a history of cheating, and a game for everyone that has excluded many. Why does baseball occupy such a central place in American culture? That is what Burns seeks to answer.

Dozens of great American players are celebrated, from Babe Ruth to Shoeless Joe Jackson. The legendary stories of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox are brought to life, as are those of the heroes of the Negro Leagues, integration trailblazers in sports and beyond. Burns is never bogged down in stats and rankings, focusing instead on what baseball has done for cities, civil rights, and America's larger-than-life identity.

Baseball has received over a dozen national awards since its 1994 release, including an Emmy for Outstanding Informational Series.

Sunday, July 10

2:00 PM "Our Game"

4:00 PM "Something Like A War"

Sunday, July 17

2:00 PM "The Faith of 50 Million People"

4:00 PM "A National Heirloom"

Sunday, July 24

2:00 PM "Shadow Ball"

Sunday, July 31

2:00 PM "The National Pastime"

Sunday, August 7

2:00 PM "The Capital of Baseball"

Sunday, August 28

2:00 PM "A Whole New Ball Game"

Sunday, September 4

2:00 PM "Home"

Baseball is part of the Ken Burns Collection, available on Passport.

Ken Burns' Baseball on Passport

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