Keeping Your Food Safe

Tonight at 8, Spotlight on Agriculture sheds light on safe food practices aimed at alleviating foodborne illnesses that hit millions of Americans each year.


Millions of Americans suffer from foodborne illness each year, and thousands tragically lose their lives due to consuming contaminated food. At the forefront of efforts to enhance food safety, quality, and shelf life, scientists at Auburn University are finding innovative ways to alleviate this pressing problem. Spotlight on Agriculture: Food Safety looks at the multi-layered existence of safe food practices that prevent food borne pathogens and showcases the role that Auburn University plays in developing and testing innovative technologies that improve food quality and safety.

The broadcast reveals how Auburn University adopts an interdisciplinary approach, leveraging physics and microbiology to combat pathogens in food such as salmonella, E. coli, and listeria. Viewers will see the techniques used by scientists to effectively control bacteria growth on poultry in processing plants, discover the efforts being taken to extend the shelf life of meats like ground beef, and gain valuable knowledge from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System regarding properly cultivating, harvesting, preserving, and preparing meats and vegetables.

With the perpetual need for fresh food, food safety education remains essential, despite significant progress that has been made since the establishment of U.S. food safety regulations. Spotlight on Agriculture: Food Safety sheds light on the intricate web of safe food practices aimed at alleviating foodborne pathogens and increasing food integrity.

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